Last August at My Sister’s Place

This photo is from my Michigan trip around the third week of August this summer. The camera is the Nikon Z50 with a tiny 16-50mm lens which captured this scene beautifully! There were numerous thunderstorms in the area at the time which made for lovely photos. I wish Las Vegas would get more storms this year.

10 thoughts on “Last August at My Sister’s Place

    • It really is serene, very quiet. This was a beautiful place to spend my childhood! I lived in this house when I was in high school but we lived in a different home in the next bay over when we were children. Sweet memories.

    • Thank you, Renard! I have three lenses in my kit, this photo is from the smallest lens. Michigan will always be my true home, but I have been out of the bitter winters almost ten years now. Not too sure that I could ever move back because of those winters unless something serious changes.

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