13 thoughts on “Over Chicago, 2018

    • I agree, thank you! Even though landing and takeoffs are supposed to be the most dangerous part of flying, I find these the most exciting part of flight. The sound of the engines at full thrust for takeoff and how the landing goes!

    • Thank you so much, Bridgette! It’s exciting isn’t it? I’ve been fortunate to not have any screaming babies on recent flights. 👍🏻😂

      • I don’t like crying babies for probably a different reason than you. I’m always like, “give me the baby, I’ll rock it and hold it!” I hate when a child or baby is crying and the parents ignore it. DRIVES ME INSANE.

        • Yes, sadly these bad parents do this, why! It’s terribly rude to the other passengers and of course not fun for the child. And what can the flight attendants really do?

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