Another Visit…

Another visit to my doctor’s office this morning for a follow-up on the blood panel. No worries, I will live! Great results. I snapped these photos along the way heading home this morning, another beautiful day in the valley! My dad’s home in Florida was not affected by hurricane Ian, thank God!

20 thoughts on “Another Visit…

    • Thank you, Pooja, me too on both counts! My sister’s home in Fort Myers is likely underwater and or destroyed but she has yet to hear from her friend down there who keeps an eye on the place. She evacuated which is good. Sister is in Michigan.

    • Thank you, Rudi. His winter home is far enough north to have escaped the worst of Ian’s destruction. That storm is again hurricane strength and coming on shore in the states just north of Florida, I feel so sad for these folks!

    • Thank you, Anne Marie! His home is far enough north to have escaped the worst. My sister called me a bit ago, she is on her way home from visiting my niece in California and has not heard from her friend who keeps an eye on her home when she is in Michigan. She wisely evacuated. So, no word yet but Fort Myers took a direct hit so the outlook isn’t good. I feel so bad for her and offered to fly down there if there is anything that I can do to help. Thank you so much for asking! ❤️

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