The Early Sunset

You can see by the sun’s height in the sky that it’s not quite sunset yet but I can make it look a bit later. The maybe not a stray cat is back. Look how healthy he or she looks! I call to the cat but it looks at me and then ignores me. Cats… I hope that your Halloween was good. ☺️ No posts tomorrow, but comments replied to.

The Metal Coyote

In some areas of the city, you will see these metal animals of many kinds as well as prickly pear cacti, and native wildflowers made of metal in the median between the lanes or attached to walls and other structures. We never see this in Michigan!

Blue Is The Theme

Blue sky, blue sky reflected on the water. Blue is a mellow, soothing color and is also my favorite. Sunny and 77 degrees are on tap for today, a great day for a ride but I have a palm pruning project starting today. We shall see what happens.

Eleven Miles On The Bike

That is all I got today but it’s seven miles more than the other day. Having been off of the bike for several weeks because of the scorching summer heat, I have perhaps fallen out of shape a little more? Bogus. The temperature was in the low 70s so I wore a light jacket today.

The photo with the heavy equipment in it is at the bottom of the Angel Park detention basin. A really huge basin capable of capturing a huge amount of rain runoff. They are grading the bottom which I think is to remove small bushes and shrubs that may help to clog the system if not removed. It was a  great afternoon!

How We Grew Up

And if you are a baby boomer like myself, then you know how true this is! Honestly, I feel very much privileged to have grown up without the internet, a fancy phone, and social media regardless of the fact that I like blogging and my fancy phone! That sounds strangely hypocritical, doesn’t it? 🤪