At The Dam, 2017

Here are a few photos from five years ago around Hoover Dam. The terrain around this area is very steep and jagged and beautiful too. What are your plans for this Sunday?

6 thoughts on “At The Dam, 2017

  1. I’ve never been there so it’s fun to see the photos you share. I’m racing the fall clock to the finish line…gotta get outside stuff done before the snow flies! Meanwhile you’re experiencing the temps I’ll be missing as October continues on into the winter months here in WI.

    • I am glad that you like these, Shelley! I haven’t been to the dam since before the pandemic. I use The Weather channel app on my iPhone which tells me that our daily highs foe the next seven days will be between 85 and 95 which is perfect! It will eventually be much cooler though. Stay warm!

      • Yes, I did. Was the dam closed during the pandemic? I’m guessing it is open now.
        Those are perfect temps – get out and enjoy the weather!!
        We’re staying warm…it’s 54 outside this morning so the house stayed at 70 inside without the heat on. That’s a cozy win!! LOL!

  2. I remember going to Hoover Dam with one of the family vacations. Hot and miserable in that station wagon, but what a fun place to check out how we did things.

    • Hi! The dam is so amazing and we sure did things differently then. It’s amazing that the dam was built when comparing the technology they had verses today. When I was a kid, my dad, a cousin and an uncle and others piled into a station wagon in Michigan and drove down to Tennessee to hunt wild boar. That trip in the back of that car was not comfortable, and, my cousin and me were looking backwards since the car seat was set up that way. Memories!

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