Driving Through Vegas Neighborhoods

Notice the block walls? Those are the equivalent of chain link fences here in many neighborhoods including mine. When I first moved here, I didn’t understand why this is done but it does work very well. This is common here and in California.

17 thoughts on “Driving Through Vegas Neighborhoods

  1. There are block walls in our area and I also noted them when I lived in Florida. Part of the reason for block walls is to muffle the sound from traffic, especially those very high block walls seen between a major thoroughfare and a neighborhood.

    • That is okay, Leanne. I have researched this state and have found that just behind Alaska, Nevada is the most mountainous state in our union. I have seen so many hikers and rock climbers here outside of the city over the years, it’s crazy man! We have a paradise here for those folks, and I have seen license plates as we call them, from so many states over the years. Desert life. 👍🏻

  2. I love your walls. Chain link is nice for Molly to watch out over the neighbourhood but I would have six foot wood fencing all around our yard if I had my way.

    • Thanks, Anne Marie. The block does a fine job, and may help with dogs? Not sure. Are there zoning restrictions in your township that won’t allow a wood fence? My home is in an HOA and always keeps an eye on our front lawn and home appearance which I am grateful for.

      • Some areas have restrictions. Ours doesn’t. We have wood fencing at the back and chain link out front. I don’t know why Dan put chain link in front. Probably because we had our Casey dog then and Dan wanted her to be able to see outside of the yard.

        • I would love to have met Casey. Some dogs will actually chew through the wood as I have seen on the tube. Yikes!

          • Casey was an amazing dog. She was so good with my elderly mother and with the grandbabies. And our little blind cat. She was so empathetic and responsible.

            • Wow. She and all dogs are 100 percent family, she was so very intelligent too. ☺️❤️

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