The New Bush Is In The Ground

A few weeks ago, I had the riser for the sprinkler system replaced because the old plastic pipe had burst. That’s all fine and dandy but what the crew discovered really pissed me off. The bush out front died because the plumber had forgotten to turn the valve back on!

So, this is what killed that poor bush and cost me several bucks. Grrr! I obviously never thought to check that valve myself and trusted that the plumber would make sure everything was as it should be.

The other bush next to this new bush is likely as old as the home is which is 26 years as is the large Mediterranean fan palm. That tree and two smaller bushes were doing fine without the water for some reason. Life throws curveballs and lemonade at you sometimes, doesn’t it?

I must add three or four gallons of water to the tree every day for two weeks to ensure the bush survives the root shock that always happens when transplanting them. Hey, that will give me something more to do each day which is good, LOL!

5 thoughts on “The New Bush Is In The Ground

  1. That’s annoying how your bush died because the plumber had forgotten to turn the valve to your sprinkler system back on. Hopefully your new bush has better luck.

    • Thanks, Anneli! I plan to nurture this new plant as I was told by the dude from the nursery. I didn’t bother to tell the HOA either. Too bad for them, this is an improvement. 👍🏻

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