The Spider Valve

Perhaps this multi-valve thing is actually called a spider valve but that is what I call it. There is a water well and a gas or diesel-powered engine inside the shed. I shot the other photos in manual mode for fun, it’s a trick to get the F-Stop and shutter speed right. It’s been yet another very beautiful day in the valley with 90 degrees and full sunshine! The first photo shows the elevation change well. How is your weather today?

10 thoughts on “The Spider Valve

        • I am a Michigan native and know very well what -30F feels like. Just once, I have seen the temperature dip low enough to freeze the surface of a backyard pool in a rental home I had when I was married. That was a few years ago, I haven’t seen it that cold since then as far as I can recall. My home is 2800 above sea level (ASL), Vegas is in the High Desert. The temperature swing is wild, 30s and 40s (or warmer) overnight in winter, and daytime temps of 100 to 115 in summer!

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