4 thoughts on “A Pet Adoption Event In Tivoli Village

  1. Double-decker homeless basket. That shows some real creativity. The homeless problem where I live is really bad too. It’s scary and sad.

    I really love all the shadows in these photos. The first one is my favorite.

    • Thanks so much, Bridgette. Like any larger city, we sadly have our homeless too, far too many that even live in those flood control channels and tunnels. I passed a homeless guy on the bike yesterday in a bike tunnel that runs under the road.

      I am a bit fearful when riding by these people and gladly don’t pass them too often in those tunnels. All of this while humans are trying to go to the moon and Mars. Such a terrible misplacement of priorities.

    • Haha thanks, Derrick! This goes on too often, and homeless people live in those flood channels under the roads too. Very sad and dangerous.

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