A Very Clear View Of The Strip Today!

On very calm and windless days like today, the Vegas Strip can look like this from around ten miles northwest of it. During the frequent winter windstorms, you either can’t see the strip or even the mountains. The mountain photo is of Frenchman Mountain. One photo shows Downtown Las Vegas.

10 thoughts on “A Very Clear View Of The Strip Today!

    • Look at the photo, there are millions of trees down there. Yes, the population is large here but it’s worth it for the beautiful climate year round.

  1. You do have clear skies just now. Ours are a bit smoky from the wildfires, but we’re supposed to get some rain in a couple of days, so I hope that will help put out fires and wash away the smoke.

    • Wow, I didn’t know there are fires in your area. I hope the rain helps or better yet, extinguish them. When I am in Michigan, I definitely know that I’m not in Kansas anymore. Who turned out the lights!

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