1000 Miles

Today’s bike ride saw the Pedego eBike hit 1000 miles! A bit of a milestone for me since riding a non-electric bike won’t do me well. It was a perfect day for a ride with low 80s and of course full sunshine. A cooldown is on the way this weekend which will pull the high temps down into the 70s which will be very comfortable for riding too with just a light jacket. I recorded a short video of the beautiful fountain at Tivoli Village which is better than a photo because you can hear the water and see it move, very calming!

16 thoughts on “1000 Miles

  1. I’m glad that you like your Pedego bikes! They aren’t cheap but so much better than a regular bark. You can ride them in the winter of course.

  2. Congrats! We love our Pedego bikes, we have had them about 2 months now. We went for a ride today but probably will have to put them away soon for the winter months πŸ™

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