Let’s Load It Up!

On the way to the pharmacy, this work crew had two of three lanes blocked off so that they could do some repaving near the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Durango Drive. The backup was substantial but moved along pretty well. The worker was loading the paving machine on the trailer. This is a large city that is always bustling with life!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Load It Up!

  1. Probably due to shortage of money, over here in the UK they just patch up the roads rather than do a full repair job. As a consequence, the ‘patches’ get ripped up again very quickly by passing heavy goods vehicles and the sorry cycle repeats. It is to be expected. Our government is in complete meltdown and there is even talk of the disgraced former Prime Minister (Boris Fuckwit Johnson) being reinstated. And so, we get a complete clown back to run the country? Could it get any worse!? I despair!

    • The same thing happens here and in Michigan, my home state. Those patches make the road rougher and always eventually fail. Why the hell would anyone put him back in place, based of what little I know? Damn stupid!

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