What Does A Windstorm In Progress Look Like?

It looks like this! And, there is no rain in those clouds, it’s just lots of thick dust blowing south through the valley. Gusts to 60 miles per hour are possible too. What a difference a day can make! It’s 80 degrees at the moment, but a high of 68 or so is on tap for tomorrow thanks to a very powerful low-pressure system moving south. I sent a photo of this from the iPhone to my dad a while back home, and he asked me if people were wearing masks. Nope! Not needed. Could you live in the beautiful Mojave Desert?

These photos are not processed and were taken with the Nikon and the 200mm Nikkor lens. Can you see any buildings on the strip? This is looking southeast or so. Is the strip vanishing?

10 thoughts on “What Does A Windstorm In Progress Look Like?

    • Thanks, Derrick, a very dusty and dirty atmosphere it was. The wind Last ight had the house cracking. Not the first time I’ve heard it crack.

    • It does look scary but you are in no danger except getting sand in your eyes which I did. The dust has gone but it’s still very windy. this doesn’t happen too much but it is a part of living here.

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