More Dust

Actually, these are the last photos of that event yesterday, and today we have a beautiful blue sky again. No damage at my place, just a tiny swim ring from someone’s pool was found in my front yard. Sorry kid, I popped it and tossed it in the bin. How is your Sunday going? The premier of the latest Doctor Who episode begins at five this afternoon and I’m all set for that. I have been a fan of the doctor for several years now, but not as long as I’ve been a fan of Star Trek. Are you a science fiction lover too?

14 thoughts on “More Dust

  1. hahaha Sorry Kid comment was funny. SciFi is my favourite genre but it’s hard to find good TV/Movies. Star Trek is one of my favourite shows. Have not seen Dr Who so will look into it.

  2. Wow, great photos – that’s a lot of dust. Glad you didn’t have any damage at your house. Our Sunday involved cleaning an apartment bathroom that had exploded due to a backed up sewer pipe that the city ‘accidentally’ cut off thinking that it was draining to the other street during a major redo last year. After that we watched the Packer game. I bet your Dr. Who episodes were more fun 😉

    • Wow, so the city has the responsibility to repair the plumbing? The new episode was sooo good! But, that’s the BBC for you. I did not expect the ending, it was so good! Jodi Whittaker will be replaced with a new doctor and that is where the big surprised is!

      • Yes, the city was responsible for the repair, the removal of a tree, repair of the yard, and the repair of the sidewalk. I got to clean up the mess in the bathroom. I wish they would’ve paid to clean that up too.
        Good for you finding a show to enjoy! I’ve never seen the show, it’s on way past my bedtime ;-).

    • Thanks, Derrick, that storm has been gone for 2 days now, our sunshine is back but it’s much colder now with a high of just 66F today, that’s cold for me!

  3. Your photos are beautiful as usual. I hope the wind stays down, and don’t cause any further damage. Have a great new week.

    • Hi, Maria, thanks so much. Just sunshine and blue sky today but more wind or sandstorms can happen any time. And, you too. ☺️🇨🇦❤️

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