The Dust Storm Round Two

Here is another set from yesterday’s extreme windstorm. Can you tell which photo has the Vegas Strip in it? Sunshine and just 64 degrees are forecast for today, that’s a huge change and a bit cold for me.

15 thoughts on “The Dust Storm Round Two

    • My guess is that a mask is not needed unless you have a medical condition, I have no problems except the sand getting in my eyes. I enjoy the windstorms, and they don’t always kick up that much dust.

        • That is exactly what I did, Anneli. I’m glad that my truck doesn’t have to sit outside and be covered in a thin layer of dust. You can use a leaf blower to blow it off and the backyard furniture, driveway and pavers on either side of the house. The dust is very visible when it blows away. I’ve done this for years so it seems normal. 😂🌴

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