Attempted DMV Visit

Overnight I received an email from the Nevada DMV alerting me that my driver’s license will expire in a few weeks. Not one to let things slide, I headed out this morning. I arrive at the closest location and walk in and was told immediately by the greeter that I need an appointment.

I asked why? She had no idea as the state makes these decisions in Carson City, Nevada our capital. Carson City is around 500 miles north of Las Vegas near Reno and Tahoe. So, I drove home and will check into this more. I still can’t find the link on the internet to do this online!

Anyway, I grabbed a few photos along the way today, as you can see, that powerful low-pressure center that caused the wind and dust storm the other day has long since moved on to the east, and thank you for that. Good riddance! How has your Tuesday been going?

Update: I found the site and renewed it online, much better than standing in line.

8 thoughts on “Attempted DMV Visit

    • The website says the new one arrives in a few days but it will probably be the same since the old one already has the star on it.

    • It was nice though to not have to deal with the lines and waiting for a long time inside the DMV building. Back in Michigan, this was never an issue. Very few people in the Secretary Of State office as we call it up there.

    • It was 69 yesterday, a normal temperature here this time of year I guess. Your snow stayed, didn’t it? Brrr!

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