At The Airport

McCarran International Airport was recently renamed in support of a political figure from Nevada. I absolutely despise this person’s politics but I need to mention that this man has passed away. I have no hate at all, I simply dislike anything left of rightwing politics.

I find it insulting, and the old name was for a respected military man with the last name of McCarran. Anyway, these are iPhone photos from 2019, the tower photo was taken from the aircraft, and the other is obviously in the terminal. Those machines are everywhere in this city including gas stations.

Why not put one in the stall so you can get poorer while taking care of business? That’s a joke, okay? 😂

4 thoughts on “At The Airport

  1. If it is any consolation John, our politics over here in the UK have gone south. The political system is broken and the politicians are seem to be crooks and liars. They all seem to put their own personal circumstances well before the country and people they represent. And, on top of everything else, we are expecting a wave of strikes over the next few months. The politicians (I use the term lightly) continue to argue like rats in a sack. What a total disgrace they all are!

    • That is such a shame, Richard! In a nutshell, it’s the same bullshit as we have. This is what destroys a nation. Why the strikes? A battle over wages?

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