A Five Mile Ride

Five miles is about one-third of the usual distance I ride but I wasn’t going to ride today but decided late this afternoon to squeeze in a quicky. It was about sixty-eight degrees on the ride which had me wearing a light jacket. It isn’t cold until you start moving ten miles an hour, then you feel the slight chill.

18 thoughts on “A Five Mile Ride

    • Oh yes, there are four man-made lakes in that area which are of course a huge draw for water foul. Coots, ducks, geese are frequent visitors. I have seen a few Cormorant too once in a while, they look so cool standing on the shore or little dock with wings wide. Soak up that desert sun!

    • Thanks, Anne Marie. I don’t know what those larger ducks are called, some of them seem to have warts on them. Or whatever they are!

        • I wish that you didn’t know that. It is important that I keep riding. Do you guys have a club that you can join to maybe swim, ride bikes on the track, jog or other?

          • Lots of space for doing all of that, but we’re not really “club” people. We’d do it on our own. As soon as we can get through our “have to” list, it’s mushroom picking time. Good exercise.

            • Ha, I am not a club guy! Too many people here for that and all of the big national chains have multiple locations here. Sweaty… I heard Dr. Drew Pinski mention that what Americans need to do is move more and eat less. Perfect logic to me! He is a TV personality, not sure if you get that show there.

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