8 thoughts on “How We Grew Up

  1. Not hypocritical at your age – or even mine. The various devices give us activities that are more age-appropriate now, whereas we had the rewards of making our own entertainment when we were able

  2. I have to agree to a point. Those we’re the good days but they were also safer. I am not sure it would be advantageous at my age to go back to playing kickball in the street. Lol

  3. Lol. That is so true for me, except we kept playing in the street with the lights on until we got called (yelled) in for the night. Stickball, Touch football, Kickball. Needless to say the cars parked on the street were to be avoided at all cost…but that didn’t always work out.🙂

    • I remember hearing my mother in the distance shouting for me to come in, the street lights were on! Good days, I’d love to live them again. Missing my momma every day. ❤️🙏🏻

  4. With us, it was go find a good book from the bookmobile or go for a walk up the hill in the rural Catskill Mountains. And we had a party line and a neighbor who used to spy on us with her pee-noc-ulars because my folks were from the City of NY.

    • That is nothing like today, we have our own stories and memories from back then. I wish we could go back and do some things over again…

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