The Early Sunset

You can see by the sun’s height in the sky that it’s not quite sunset yet but I can make it look a bit later. The maybe not a stray cat is back. Look how healthy he or she looks! I call to the cat but it looks at me and then ignores me. Cats… I hope that your Halloween was good. ☺️ No posts tomorrow, but comments replied to.

10 thoughts on “The Early Sunset

    • Thanks, Bruce, the cat seems fine. It will never come to me though. It must have a home somewhere in my neighborhood. The photo is a bit over-processed but looks good.

    • Cats are better since they don’t have that annoying sound that dogs make. That photo is soooo processed, just the kind you may not like. Just having a little fun, Anneli. 😊😂

      • Nothing wrong with having some fun with photos. As for sounds that dogs make, it depends on the kind of dog and it depends on the owner and how well they train their dogs. I love them both. We’ve had wonderful cats and great dogs too. And we’ve had not so wonderful ones of each as well.

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