At The Sponge Docks

Going back to 2015 again, these photos were taken on Alternate 19 which is just west of the big 19 which is an insanely busy road. I frequented this area when we lived in Dunedin in the early 1990s and taking my small boat with an outboard engine up the Anclote River was a favorite adventure.

Just south of this area about four miles is where the rented home was and where we lost so many of our possessions during that big storm of 1993.

The Dunedin Causeway, 2015

Once again we are in west-central Florida on the Dunedin causeway. The first photo with the black fence and large house is where I lived in 1993. That gigantic stilt house wasn’t mine, there was a modest ranch-style home there that we rented.

That home, dock, and pool were destroyed during a pseudo-hurricane, just a very large storm. We lost almost everything and did lose a brand-new Pontiac Bonneville.

I remember driving the car to the dealership to be totaled by the insurance company, my two-year-old daughter in her baby seat with salt water sloshing around in the car. This is exactly the reason I will never move to Florida again! These are iPhone photos and the quality is pretty bad too.

Florida 2015

These five photos are iPhone photos and it’s easy to see that. I don’t know what the phone model was but it didn’t take good photos. I was driving a rig down there from Michigan for my dad. Sunshine and 55 degrees are the forecast for today, too chilly!

A Beloved Show

Did you have these fun people on TV when you were a kid? I remember watching the show and probably never missed an episode! Granny was so hilarious with her feisty attitude and stern ways. She actually has always reminded me of my mother because they both were petite and feisty! The Beverly Hillbillies.

Max Baer (Jethro) had some real estate dealings in northern Nevada several years ago, none of which were successful. Buddy Ebsen died in 2003 from pneumonia. Donna Douglas (Elly May) died in 2015. Irene Ryan (Granny) Died in 1973. Wow, God bless these wonderful people. A treasured part of my childhood.