That photo is perfect for what happened this morning when I was leaving the parking lot of my insurance company, time to pay the home insurance already! As I approached the road, an old Buick was coming right at me, I thought this was going to be a slow-speed head-on collision. Gladly the elderly driver steered right and missed me. As she drove by at the speed of an ant, I gave her the stink-eye. A squinty stink-eye. No, I don’t think that I am better than everyone else on the road, but my driver’s record is spotless!

10 thoughts on “Squinter

    • Hi, Anne Marie, I agree! I’ve had that same thought when driving here, the traffic can be fierce depending on your location. Nothing like driving in Regina I am sure.

        • You know, driving here can be a bit like driving in Michigan in winter. How? The constantly accumulating oil and whatever else on the road builds up. Then come the rains. Every time this happens, or close to it, I hear sirens. Bald tires and slick roads don’t cut the mustard here! And, I have seen too many bald tires while waiting for traffic lights. Tires are always overpriced from a consumer’s perspective.

    • It gets worse more often today than years ago it seems… I think that to successfully navigate this city, you have to be a very good defensive driver. There have been some close calls over the last nine years!

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