Really Rough Rock

This photo was taken this morning at Calico Basin. This peak is probably just a few hundred feet high and I used the full extension to 200 millimeters to capture it from a distance away. You can easily see why this area is a rock-climbing paradise! Over the years, I have seen license plates from many states and several from Canada too. Frankly, I find rock climbing to be a very unnecessary and dangerous sport. Why? Because you only live once. But, when you are young and wild, you never think of your mortality! Click pic.

14 thoughts on “Really Rough Rock

    • Thank you, Linda, this area has very beautiful rock formations and colors. And some ancient Indian writings or figures on the rocks too. I forget what those are called.

    • Thanks, Anita, to fully appreciate these ancient rocks, you need to see them with your eyes I believe. This is 200 million years or more in the making!

    • Hi, Vanessa, thank you so much! This ancient beauty is 200 million + years in the making. Mojave Desert love! Thank you so much for stopping by. ❤️

    • Thank you, Anneli. I have photographed climbers in this area before and always wonder why? Just because you can is not always a good idea! Observe and photograph the beauty of these ancient rocks, don’t toss your life away for a thrill. That was harsh, but…

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