The Snow Is Back

The snow returned to the higher elevations above 5000 feet or so last night. I think it looks beautiful way up there whether it’s sunny or not. I took a ride outside the city this morning for some landscape photos with sunshine and clouds but didn’t see what I was looking for so I turned tail for home. The wind is howling out there today and I actually put on long pants and a jacket today which is unusual. Brrr!!

20 thoughts on “The Snow Is Back

  1. Love the photos. The weather here has been comfortable for which I’m glad. With so little propane and only so much firewood, the longer the weather stays like this the better.

    • Thank you, Rebecca. I hope that you have a very mild winter there. Propane was costly years ago, I have no idea how much it is today but it can’t be good.

    • Exactly right, Anneli! The nearby ski lodge got three inches last night with more snow forecast soon. The ski season could start real soon for them. I have not been on skis in decades.

    • Thank you!! I forgot to mention that once in a while, the police frequent the area I saw them in. Like every month they focus on busting people here and they sure seem to do a good job. People speed like crazy through those 35mph zones. Not me!

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