Tivoli Trees and Rear Views

These are two iPhone photos and two Nikon photos. A high of just 55 degrees is in store for today, a major change from a few days ago when I was biking in a short sleeve shirt! No ride today because it’s rather windy. And gray. I hope that it’s sunny where you are.

10 thoughts on “Tivoli Trees and Rear Views

  1. We have had awesome weather in Ontario this week ! It’s been 15-21 Celsius, but the fog in the mornings is unreal, can make for some great photo opportunities though πŸ™‚

  2. I never would have guessed that we would have warmer weather here in southern Ontario compared to where you are. Yesterday it was a high of 17C (or 63F), which is unseasonably warm.

    • Yikes indeed! In the last five or so days the weather has basically flipped to our winter temps. Nothing like yours or back in Michigan but it’s darn cold when you are used to hot weather! There was a time years ago when we would wear just a tee shirt and jeans outside in winter when it wasn’t a snow storm! Unthinkable now.

    • I am sure that you are right, Bruce! I spoke with my dad in Michigan yesterday, he said that 70 degree weather was coming up there too but it won’t last. I actually put long pants on today, very rare! πŸ˜‚

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