Hurricane Damage and Vegas Weather

My sister sent me this very short video yesterday of Hurricane Ian’s damage being slowly cleaned up. It will be five years, maybe more before Fort Myers will be fully restored. She is working to get her home fully repaired and ready for sale, she has had it with Florida. This is exactly why I chose to remain in Nevada in 2016. Say no to hurricanes and Florida. Our forecast is a cold forecast, too cold for a bike ride today.

12 thoughts on “Hurricane Damage and Vegas Weather

  1. It must be heartbreaking when your house gets damaged or completely destroyed. Nature’s power should never be underestimated. These hurricanes seem to hit Florida with monotonous regularity. Good idea to stay in Nevada. I’d come to Nevada too if it wasn’t for the rattle snakes!!!

    • It’s the way the storms first develop as they come off of Africa’s west coast. They slowly spin up into hurricanes and generally seem to make landfall on our east coast, specifically Florida and the Gulf Coast states of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

      I lost a rental home, belongings and a brand new car in 1993 along the Florida Gulf Coast to a mega storm. Not even a hurricane!

      When you are driving down the US 19 with your two year old daughter in a baby seat with a few inches of salt water sloshing about inside the car, you tend to remember how terrible that state can be. No thanks man… My home is 2300 feet above sea level, Richard.

    • Thanks, Pooja. her home is in much better shape that others nearby. I think she has made the right decision in throwing in the towel on Florida. It’s not just the hurricanes either. Sink holes have always been a serious issue, but they are becoming more frequent too. People have died by being sucked into them. No thanks man, I am gone!

    • His place was damaged very little since the hurricane made landfall 100+ miles south. He has a nice couple that keep an eye on the home and maintain it as needed while he is up north. Very nice folks! The man there said the home is basically untouched except a few missing shingles. Amazing! ❤️

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