My iPad Still Won’t Charge…

At about ten this morning, I headed for the Apple Store in Downtown Summerlin to have my iPad looked at. Long story short, the guy there got it to charge, but when I got home it was not charging. What the hell? I see another trip down there tomorrow or Monday in my future.

How can the damn thing work great for a year and then just stop charging! I am frustrated. The iPhone does the same thing but the screen is too small for extended viewing. While waiting for my turn inside, I stepped out for some photos and cool, crisp air. The iPhone did a great job photographing the downtown area, didn’t it?

10 thoughts on “My iPad Still Won’t Charge…

    • Two years is a pretty good amount of time, something could go wrong at that age in my opinion. I suggest taking it to an Apple store if there is one nearby, or an authorised service center.

  1. John, I don’t know if you are using cables or not (instead of wireless), but I can say from my experience with charging cables the charging port (on the phone or tablet) may need to be lightly cleaned to get out any dust, etc. Sometimes the cables just go flunky, but other times residue builds up where the cable connects to the device, and for me sometimes it was as simple as just getting some air on it to blow it clean. Good luck!

    • The guy at the Apple Store had a magnifying glass and did look into the condition of the charge port and found nothing in there. I picked up a new power converter for the wall socket, that made no difference but the device charges on the MacBook cable. Grr!

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