The Rock Rink

Every November through January, the Rock Rink returns to Downtown Summerlin. After leaving the Apple Store yesterday, I took a different route back to the truck and passed by the rink which is currently getting its first layer of ice from the gigantic cooling machinery which wasn’t far from me, no photo. I haven’t been on ice skates for Lord knows how many years but it was a daily activity growing up on the lake in Michigan.

Note the baby Zamboni they use in the first photo, so cute! 😂

8 thoughts on “The Rock Rink

    • I miss it too, there is a full-size rink near this location where the Vegas Golden Knights hold their practice sessions. Not sure if they have an open public skate there, but they have a dandy bar with good food in the building.

    • It’s Las, Los is for Los Angeles. No you sure don’t! It was 72 degrees today. There is a large full-size rink nearby where our Vegas Golden Knights hold there practice sessions. Not sure if they have open skating for the public there.

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