A New Sangean Radio

This multi-band receiver is the fourth Sangean I have purchased since 2016. The original radio is white, the next two radios have a dark color as does this fourth radio. Why did I purchase another one? This new version has the Air Band in it which completes the radio in my opinion.

I gave it a good test run last night while wearing headphones. Its signal sensitivity is fantastic as is the audio quality which is slightly deeper than the other three radios which is a plus. Also, the display is slightly larger, another plus! The size of the numbers is slightly larger or thicker too.

Sangean has improved this radio again! Partly cloudy and windy today with a high of 72, falling to around 50 in a couple of days. Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “A New Sangean Radio

    • Yes, that is why I purchased this version of this radio and it works very well! Since I now have four of these, the other, smaller versions made by other companies are redundant. Want some receivers? I’ll ship them. 😂

    • They sure have with the tiny chips that can control so many functions. My radio addiction began in 1980 or so with getting into ham radio.

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