Hikers and Rock Climbers

Friday was Veteran’s Day so the locals were out and about in full force heading for a favorite rock or trail. I want to do a little hiking soon but I will wait for a weekday when the number of bodies is lower. A high temperature of just 58 is forecast for today.

12 thoughts on “Hikers and Rock Climbers

  1. Here in Philly we’ve finally “caught up” to your temperatures. Freeze warnings for tonight and temps may be in the 20’s at night next week. Those red rocks are beautiful – looks like a great place to explore.

    • It’s only a matter of time until the deep freeze sets in for you. It will eventually warm just a little here I hope! Sunny and 57 here today. πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Hi Shelley, I have no idea who is or was in that nice looking car but I wonder why the rear end is jacked up a bit. There is a new home under construction righ next door to this busy dirt parking area. What are the owners thinking! there are several homes in this little basin.

      • That is weird about the car. Oh, my, I can’t imagine building a house next to all that traffic. The view is absolutely gorgeous, though, and if you’re into a daily hike, that’s a prime spot to be.

    • That area has hundreds of thousands of visitors each year so it is super busy! In summer the area is much less crowded because of the heat. This time of year is great for hiking and rock climbing as it’s very cool and comfortable.

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