5G In The Desert

The cell tower is where Bonnie Springs used to be until around three years or so ago. I’m still sad that the place was sold to evil developers. The tower is the only cell service in this small valley which is west of Las Vegas Valley. Here is another article on the purchase of Bonnie Springs Ranch.

6 thoughts on “5G In The Desert

    • This developer is asking for 5 or 6 million dollars just for the property! Absolutely ludicrous. The land to the north is a state park. Sickening. 😵‍💫🤬

    • Thanks so much, Anita, if you guys land here some day I may be able to answer some questions. Lunch is on me by the way. ☺️

  1. Too bad they couldn’t save Bonnie Springs, it was a classic attraction with a neat “haunted object” museum in addition to the Wild West stuff, if memory serves me right.

    • You are right, there was a haunted museum of some kind, I never went in that one. 💀I liked watching the ducks and other birds in the little pond, and watching the Peacocks walk around. They were very loud!

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