Deciduous Trees And Joshua Trees

These trees live together nicely here on the desert floor. Sunshine and 58 degrees are on tap for today, and my truck has an appointment with the dealership today. The right-front tire pressure sensor has failed so it will be replaced. It’s silly to have to push the reset button on the dash panel every time I start the truck.

2 thoughts on “Deciduous Trees And Joshua Trees

    • Thank you, Bruce, I appreciate your great comments. I have an appointment at noon so I’ll be heading out soon. This is actually my first experience with this failure. I assume the device has a battery and the battery pooped out, not sure. This is the second set of tires on the truck, the originals were crap! Firestone tires are much better but the right-front tire always seems to have a very slow leak, and now this? I hope the tire seats properly on the rim this time.

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