1960 Baby Safety Standards

Wow man, can you believe that this was once thought of as a safe place for your baby! My family had a Corvair and I recall playing in that back window where the baby is. Boy did I just date myself or what! I found this great article on how Ralph Nader basically killed the car which still makes John unhappy!

12 thoughts on “1960 Baby Safety Standards

  1. At least we had a station wagon so the kids had a bit more room to stretch out in. And we didn’t toss infants back there. 😟. I can’t imagine where that would be a good idea – sure not here where the windows are freezing cold six months of the year. 🥶

  2. So many things that we did once upon a time, that now people are horrified about. While I agree there are so many things wrong with placing a baby in a back window, I do wish that our current society were not afraid of every little thing, including words..

    • This was a really bad idea, but we survived without wearing bicycle helmets and much more back in those days. We are a paranoid society today, is this because of the so-called news spewing it’s lies and bullshit on us every day? This is not the country I grew up in!

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