A Forgotten Sunset

This photo was taken around a month ago I think, it is one of the extra photos I take to get the best photo. Sunny and 59 degrees today, still too cold for my liking but I will be in frozen Michigan in a couple weeks or so. Yikes! How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

12 thoughts on “A Forgotten Sunset

  1. Currently it is 26 here. I am no fan of the cold but deal with it as best I can because I know our cold is nothing like what others deal with. At least it is rare for us to get anything in frozen form.

  2. I can feel the chill in the air seeing the branches on the palm trees. Those clouds look cold too. Not as cold as 17 degrees like we had this morning, so you’re lucky. YAY for planning a trip home to Michigan to get a heart-warming dose of family and a bone-chilling reminder that it’s cold in Michigan! 😉

    • Hi Shelley, thank you! I haven’t been in Michigan since August, what a beautiful trip that was. I have zero winter clothing these days so my sweater, light jacket and a shirt will have to do. Staying indoors most of the time is the plan.

      It never gets truly cold in the valley to me, but some folks are walking around with full-on winter coats complete with the faux fur around the hoodie. I just have to laugh!

      My dad has told me several times that I am in a good place down here to avoid the bitter Michigan weather, but we can have it basically on-demand with a short drive into the Spring Mountains.

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