No Wires

Some of you strongly dislike seeing wires in a photo, here are two more without wires just for you. There were wires in one of these photos but they have been removed, it’s usually easy to do.

8 thoughts on “No Wires

  1. I have taken photos where the wires annoyed me but I have seen photos that others have taken where the wires seem to enhance the scene. Maybe it is about knowing how. 😂

    • I suppose wires could enhance a photo but I have yet to see that happen, Anne Marie. I try to remove them where possible.

    • That is interesting, Derrick but there must be far more of them now. Looking down on the valley here you see tons of those tall, white hydro poles that carry 250K or more volts. They are a real eyesore but they have to be there. The smaller poles and wires complete the tangled mess.

    • You too, eh! That sucks but we have to have them, right? I hope I’ve shown you some interesting landscapes, Richard.

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