Remembering The Storm

A few weeks back there was an all-day rain with cold temperatures and driving winds. I took two photos of the mountains to the west of my place, this is the other photo that didn’t make it here. I removed the street lamp post in front of the palm tree. I’ve had conversations with all of my family this morning which is so fun, my dad, son, and sister are having dinner together and I wish I were there! The consolation is that I will be flying up there in just a few days for the family Christmas!

10 thoughts on “Remembering The Storm

  1. Lovely capture of the stormy sky. It’s too bad that you aren’t able to spend Thanksgiving with your fam, but at least you’ll be with them for the family Christmas!

    • This isn’t a problem, I have done this for years now having been down here for ten years next July. Cold here is absolutely nothing like Michigan cold if you stay in the valley. I’m still in a tee and short pants.

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