The Grateful Dead On A Grateful Day

I am always grateful for what I have and know how lucky my family and I are. Today I am thankful for them and so much more. Happy Thanksgiving, my American friends!

16 thoughts on “The Grateful Dead On A Grateful Day

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, John! I can’t get the video to play in the Reader, but I have that problem with a few blogs. Yes, we all have much to be grateful for this day, and every day. As the old saying goes, “Every day is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” πŸ™‚

    • I like that! Every day above ground is a victory! I have never used that reader thing so I can only guess that it is not set up correctly for videos. The video plays fine on the actual URL. I wish that people would not use the reader because of stuff like this. Have a great day, Lavinia! ❀️

          • Turns out it is a cookie issue with your blog. Videopress must be enabled, but that option to enable it is not available in the reader, at least with your blog. With some other blogs, there is some other problem I haven’t figured out.

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