What’s The Name of This Range?

I don’t know either, I forgot! And, I can’t find it specifically either with an extensive search which is odd. Anyway, the big clouds under a much bigger sky make a beautiful photo. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was quiet as usual and relaxing.

Just right of center about 2/3 the way down the photo you can see some much lighter-colored rock. In this area is Red Rock Canyon proper, it can’t be seen unless you are directly on or near its edge and it drops way down! Think of it as a giant gash on the surface of the earth. Ouch!

4 thoughts on “What’s The Name of This Range?

  1. That is a beautiful scene, John. Glad you had a peaceful Thanksgiving. We are about to sit down to dinner that Rick made. Just us and the cats. 🙂 Quiet and peaceful here, too.

    • Thanks man, you would probably drop your jaw at seeing this gash the first time! Unfortunately, it is within a 12-mile recently repaved loop that is a US fee area and because of Covid you now must make a reservation. Dumb!

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