Puppies For Sale?

Any time I see something like this, my brain goes into suspicion mode. Why? Because puppy mills are sadly a real thing and that is despicable. Just sayin’ my friends. The buildings are the Queens Ridge condominium towers, got big bucks? The other click is the front of Tivoli Village.

11 thoughts on “Puppies For Sale?

  1. I’ve not seen a sign like that before. I’d be very suspicious for sure! I’m in love with that last photo. The building and the sky compliment each other so well. Gorgeous capture.

  2. Puppy mills are horrible and yet they are still going on. People need to stop buying from them and they would probably fade away. Go to the local Humane Society instead

    • You are 100% right, Susan, always avoid stores like that! Next time I am in that parking lot I will walk over there and have a peek inside.

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