The Tiny Strip

The iPhone 12 took this photo yesterday under a beautiful blue sky. The lens is zoomed all the way in hence the Strip and Frenchman Mountain beyond look far smaller than they actually are. The Strip is ten miles southeast of my location, that is a guess. Frenchman Mountain is at least 4000 feet high too yet look how flat it looks. Camera lenses do weird things! How is your Sunday going? For me, it’s all couch potato mood.

8 thoughts on “The Tiny Strip

  1. Nice colours! It has been raining here all day and our Santa Claus parade was today at 430. I don’t know if it still happened, we didn’t go. Our snow is all gone now

    • Thank you! I remember hoping to go snowmobiling up north in Michigan as a kid, only to find that the snow was either all gone or close to it. Annoying!

    • Hi Charlotte, thanks! Las Vegas has over 300 days per year of sunshine, living in the Mojave Desert has it’s advantages. I enjoyed reading about your working with the university to develop a new program this morning. You are an awesome woman! God bless you and your husband. ❤️🇬🇧

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