Views From Today’s Bike Ride

Just some iPhone captures of palm trees with the Summerlin Peaks in the distance. I rode just ten chilly miles which prompted me to head to my favorite sports store for a thin hat that will fit under my helmet. The helmet has openings for ventilation but those vents don’t do anything but make my head cold, I hope this thin hat will seal that cold air out on the next ride. this time, I wore two tee shirts, a sweater, and a jacket over the sweater which works fine. And, it’s sixty degrees but you need to factor in the wind chill too.

6 thoughts on “Views From Today’s Bike Ride

  1. I get the need to dress warmer because of the wind and movement of the air. We were almost to 70F yesterday. Thursday night’s low is forecasted for 26F. Rollercoaster right now weather-wise.

    • That sounds like Michigan in the autumn, a real roller coaster ride in terms of the weather. I’ll be up there soon. 60F and sunny here today. ☺️

  2. I hope the hat worked! We were putting on our spring coats and dropping layers when it hit 37 degrees. LOL…60 something and we’d be without any coats and definitely not multiple layers. 🤣😂😁 Stay warm!!

    • The hat will work under the helmet, I just need to adjust the tension on the helmet. Consider the windchill factor and you you realise that you will be very cold riding! I don’t look as fancy as those people who buy those spandex outfits or whatever they are called, but I am having fun and getting out there! For me, that is what matters. ☺️

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