Southbound I-75 In 2015

Here are six more iPhone photos from 2015 again, this time I cross the Ohio/Michigan state line and continue south. Starting tomorrow, the blog will go silent until Monday unless I can squeeze in a post in the evening. I think that a nice break from blogging is due anyway…

12 thoughts on “Southbound I-75 In 2015

    • Thanks, Venus! It’s damn cold up here and I am hibernating inside! It’s good to be in my home state and environment for a change too. I’m back home Monday.

  1. I often look at structures like this (the bridge). We hardly notice them as we drive along. But, just how much ingenuity and pure hard work goes into designing, building and maintaining structures like this. Where would we be without engineers?

    • We would be screwed, Richard. That bridge crosses the Ohio River into Kentucky heading south from Downtown Cincinnati. I love bridges, it’s the physics that are so fascinating. Bridges must carry two loads – the dead load which is the bridge itself, and of course the cars, trucks and people. That’s a lot of raw strength!

  2. Enjoy your time! Love the photos as always. When ever I am going to be away, I try to schedule something to post since I am so very active on social media. I try to prevent anyone from being sure I’m away. I know my parents, if someone were to pull down my drive they would be right out there confronting them. They’ve done it in the past..

    • Thank you, Rebecca! I understand your security worries, you are a good daughter! People look out for each other in my neighborhood, it’s nice to know that while I am away.

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