The Dunedin Causeway, 2015

Once again we are in west-central Florida on the Dunedin causeway. The first photo with the black fence and large house is where I lived in 1993. That gigantic stilt house wasn’t mine, there was a modest ranch-style home there that we rented.

That home, dock, and pool were destroyed during a pseudo-hurricane, just a very large storm. We lost almost everything and did lose a brand-new Pontiac Bonneville.

I remember driving the car to the dealership to be totaled by the insurance company, my two-year-old daughter in her baby seat with salt water sloshing around in the car. This is exactly the reason I will never move to Florida again! These are iPhone photos and the quality is pretty bad too.

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  1. You have lives in very different climate zones that’s for sure. It is interesting to have experienced different types of climates in your every day life, very different compared to a visit as a tourist. Great photos!

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