Terrible Tent Worms!

These things are so nasty! When I could get one nest down on the ground I would light it on fire as they can damage trees badly. 58 degrees under a cloudy sky describes this morning. Blah! My internet connection has been down this morning which is very odd, this never happens here. Even my phone as a hotspot didn’t work. It could be worse, count your blessing, people. Read about Tent Worms.

Puppies For Sale?

Any time I see something like this, my brain goes into suspicion mode. Why? Because puppy mills are sadly a real thing and that is despicable. Just sayin’ my friends. The buildings are the Queens Ridge condominium towers, got big bucks? The other click is the front of Tivoli Village.

Views From Today’s Bike Ride

Just some iPhone captures of palm trees with the Summerlin Peaks in the distance. I rode just ten chilly miles which prompted me to head to my favorite sports store for a thin hat that will fit under my helmet. The helmet has openings for ventilation but those vents don’t do anything but make my head cold, I hope this thin hat will seal that cold air out on the next ride. this time, I wore two tee shirts, a sweater, and a jacket over the sweater which works fine. And, it’s sixty degrees but you need to factor in the wind chill too.