Best Airline Photos

The Airbus A320 is one of my favorite passenger airliners. This wing shot of the engine is probably the best in-flight photo I have taken of that engine. The other photo is of a Regional Jet on approach to McCarran International here in Las Vegas. This photo is on the wall near my kitchen. McCarran International was recently renamed to honor this guy which I find very insulting.

The La’s At The Traffic Light

This song was recorded in 1988 if I read this article correctly, but I really love the song regardless of it having me feel a little sad thinking about past loves lost. What a day man, it’s overcast and fifty-something degrees… Days like this leave me feeling blah for lack of beautiful sunshine.


I found these old photos buried deep in my archive this morning and decided to upload them this morning. 2012 is a sad year for our family since it was the year my mother passed. This is the south branch of the Flint River with a nice little dam. Overcast and 52 degrees are up for today with a windstorm forecast for this entire weekend with gusts to 55 miles per hour. Welcome to the Mojave Desert!