It’s Great To Be Home!

My ride touched down at two PM this afternoon, it’s great to be home! What a fantastic time I had seeing my family this Christmas, so much love and fun! I am so glad that there was no snow on this visit, snow is a bad word in my vocabulary except when it is high in the mountains here.

Everyone is healthy thank God, my father is okay but he had some difficulty which I won’t mention. Also, for security and respect, I will not upload photos of my family. The low temps were in the upper twenties one night, much colder than I am used to but I was inside of course.

I decided at the last minute to leave the Nikon at home which was not a 100 percent good decision, but some of the photos came out okay. How about that filthy car? You never ever see this nastiness in Las Vegas. Another reason to stay in Vegas.

Walking in the cold morning air down to my dad’s man cave was a sharp reminder of why I chose to stay in Las Vegas too, bbrrr! The photo of the road is the main drag through Lapeer, Michigan, my hometown.

And, the sunrise photo was taken very early this morning as my sister was taking me down to Detroit Metro airport, several of the sunrise photos I took were just nothing but a blur.

Note to self – stop leaving the Nikon at home, dude!

28 thoughts on “It’s Great To Be Home!

    • Thank you, Susan! They will eventually get plenty of the white stuff but I won’t be back up there until May when that stuff is all gone. Yes!

  1. Glad to hear that you made it back home for the holidays and that your family is doing well. It’s too bad that you left your good camera at home, but your picture of the sunrise looks stunning.

    • Thank you, Linda! Yeah, I made that mistake before, I did it again! Doink… No more of that. The Nikon takes better photos just pointing and shooting than the iPhone!

  2. So wonderful that you were able to go home and spend time with your family and hope your father is feeling better. Still wishing for more snow and a white Christmas and I better go to the car wash today!🙂

    • Thanks so much my friend! It’s always a big treat to be back in Lapeer County, so glad that there was no snow. I won’t be back up there until May. I love my family! 🥰

  3. Glad you had a good trip – especially not experiencing any snow! That’s always a bonus. Heh.
    Hope your dad is ok and that he is not suffering from anything major.

    • Thank you, Valeria! Snow is a bad word… Dad is doing better after two good night’s sleep. Thanks for mentioning him, you are so kind! ☺️❤️

    • Thanks, Bruce,, it was wonderful. We don’t all get together much these days which is such a bummer. Years ago, my cousins and other family would all meet up at my folks place on the lake. today, some have passed away while the rest of us alive don’t see each other much. A real bummer, isn’t it…

    • Hi Anne Marie, thank you sooo much! It was so good for my soul to be with loved ones again! ❤️☺️

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