8 thoughts on “A Nation In Distress

  1. You’re not alone over there! Things here in the UK seem to be going from bad to worse. A wave of industrial action coming our way. But, looking on the brighter side, it’s a long road with no turning! We can only hope for better times. As Churchill said, better to jaw jaw than war war!!

    • Churchill was a great man in my view, he knew how to get things done with WW2. Things will become worse before they get better, Richard…

  2. I don’t agree with this, at all! A Flag flying upside down is supposed to be a sign of extreme distress. Like being attacked by another Country or someone holding you hostage. It was used like S.O.S. before Morse Code was invented. To fly the Flag upside down due to your political views is wrong and should be illegal!

    • Yes it is! I have swapped comments with someone in Saskatchewan, this person seems to feel the same way about what goes on in Ottawa and the Provincial Governments. The entire world is in turmoil, Anita. 😭

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