A Slightly Frozen World

The iPhone 12 did a nice job with these two photos because I managed to not be shaky! The old waterfall has a wee bit of ice on it. This waterfall looked much better in the 1990s when I maintained the grass and kept weeds at bay. Since my mother passed in 2012, many of the flowerbeds have been cleaned out and left as-is. The other photo shows a waterfall too but it is not visible.

How about that beautiful gray sky up there? That sky has plenty to do with my decision to stay way down here in sun-drenched Las Vegas Valley. On another note, my father has been in and out of the hospital for the last few days due to having fluid in his lungs. Gladly, my sister says that he is going home today! Dad is 94 wonderful years young. We love you so much, dad!

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