A Few More Park Photos

Honestly, I did not know that the city of Las Vegas has its own flag! Duh. That dark pigeon was actually following me for about three minutes as I moved about looking for another photo. He was almost right at my feet too which says that he gets plenty of human food which is not good.

I’ve never been obviously followed by a bird like this. Those grayscale photos were taken directly in the Nikon and then enhanced with an HDR app. It is currently a very cool 46 degrees outside, it is amazing how huge the temperature swing is here from season to season, isn’t it?

115 in the summer down to as low as 32 degrees! That’s an 83-degree temperature swing.

3 thoughts on “A Few More Park Photos

  1. That’s a cool flag. Followed by a pigeon, he took a liking to you lol But you’re right, people are probably feeding him. I prefer the warmer temperatures, it’s snowing like crazy here today and cold.

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