Dark Skies and Fifty Degrees

I’ve had enough of these below-average temperatures so far this winter, or almost winter. Just 50 degrees for a high-temperature today and that sucks. These photos show a very dark sky to the west of my place very early this morning. I hope that it’s warmer where you are today.

11 thoughts on “Dark Skies and Fifty Degrees

  1. We’ve had a warmer than usual December so far, but we’ll pay for this in January to be sure. I will say we’ve had a rainy month as well, so perhaps with the cold the snow might not be excessive? Maybe the moisture will stay away. You are spoiled – let’s compare temperatures in a month or so.🙂

  2. It is around 55 here at the moment. They are calling for colder weather coming and I dread that. My son better help me split firewood or I’m moving in with him. Not really but the threat may get his attention.

    • I hope your weather doesn’t go colder! If 55 is the high then the 32 to 40 degrees must be your overnight temps. Split that wood! No LP in the pig, eh?

    • Hi Lavinia, I am spoiled by our very balmy summer weather! It’s too cold for me to want to ride my eBike those fun twenty-miles.

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